Tips on Planning your Indoor Garden

Plants helps in giving color and life to your home and in return only ask for a little way of maintenance. Following the simple tips of planning your indoor garden will help you in formulating one of the best ways of growing plants in your home. The key tips are stated below.

Indoor garden planning tips:

  • It is very important of positioning the plants at accurate location in your home. Look for the best place in your home while planning for indoor garden. Look a perfect place for keeping each and every plant. It’s advisable of not being afraid of trying different locations unless and until you find the best place for keeping your plants.
  • It is advisable of recreating a forest floor. If you find a room seems too dark for sustaining a healthy plant, don’t be fooled. Most if the indoor garden plants originate from the subtropical and tropical regions. And in particular equatorial forests, they specifically thrive in filtered lights and dimmed environments.
  • One of the ideal spots for keeping and planning your indoor garden is in front of the large windows facing to the west or east. If necessary, it is advisable of adding a net scrim curtain for filtering the air and sun rays.
  • If you’re selecting plants that thrive on lots of sun, it’s beneficial for the homeowners if it is kept on the windowsills facing towards the north or north-east. It is important to check the soil moisture on regular intervals and also to inspect the leaves for checking that they are not being burned by the rays of sun. At the slightest sign of withering, it is important for moving the plant in the middle of the room. It will help you in maintaining its beauty and greenery.
  • There are even some special types of plants available that are suitable and can be kept for designing and increasing the show of your bathroom. Ferns and other moisture loving plants works and is best suitable in vaporous room like kitchen and bathroom where they can lap up regular does of moisture and mist.
  • While planning an indoor garden, it is important for the homeowners to take proper care of the plants kept in the home. Water pour directly onto the soil might flood, or not even reach to the roots of the plants. Instead of that, you can water the plants at the bottom by filling water in a dish and keep the plant on the dish. This will help the plants get adequate amount of water from their roots.
  • If you don’t want your plants get die due to heat or cold, it is advisable of not placing it in a draughty area, or near ducted heat or air conditioning units. Being homeowner, you should understand the exact time of when you indoor plants needs water.
  • Water your plants only when you observe that the potting mix feels dry when touched. Overwatering is often one of the biggest causes of damaging the indoor plants kept in your home.

The above basic guideline will indeed help you on planning your indoor garden, For more information visit www.homeimprovementwow.com.

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