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Small Kitchen Renovation Tips for Creating Maximum Impact

As they say that the kitchen is the heart of the home and when this comes to the remodelling of a kitchen, it can cost a hell lot of money. Some people will go through a pricey renovation process which puts them without a kitchen for several weeks for the big payoff at the end but what if this is beyond your affordability?

What are the top reasons for kitchen renovation?

When it comes to home improvement, your kitchen requires a similar makeover as your bedroom or living room. After all, the way to a happy stomach is particularly routed through this particular space where certain delicious meals are being cooked with affection and love for the near and dear ones.

  1. More space is required in order to keep and retain the things in a well-organized manner.
  2. Renew the look of your kitchen with a modern wardrobe.
  3. Ensuring high ventilation, especially during the summers so that the time spent in the kitchen is more comfortable.

Luckily there are several minor things which you can do which will spruce up your small kitchen and pull it into the current decade and make it contemporary. Usually, people can tell the age of your home very easily by what’s on the walls. If your kitchen is full of wallpaper, then it is certainly time to freshen it up with some new and contemporary ones. Or you can opt to paint the walls and get creative. Once you do away with the old and dated wallpaper, this may make a big difference that would be really amazing.

Next, you can opt to change the kitchen cabinets. Refinishing just the cabinets can freshen up a whole space. Yes, this is a bit time consuming, but this is way cheaper than a full renovation & best of all you can do the work yourself.

In case you cannot change the cabinets, a smaller fix is to change the hardware of the cabinet. There are several thousands of knobs and pulls to choose from which will bring that outdated kitchen up to where it belongs to. You need to ensure to measure the holes in the old hardware though, you can match them up with the new in order to make sure that the new covers them up.

A new tap is indeed a great idea to spruce up your existing kitchen. You can get one with a veggie sprayer and you are good to go. They too are available in all sorts of designs & colors which will leave you wondering why on earth did you not change it up sooner?

In case you do not like the counter tops in your small kitchen anymore but cannot afford brand new ones, there is always the option of having someone come in to fit new tops over the old ones but if that is not an option, there is availability of a special paint which you can purchase just only for counters. You can add a splash of color and watch that old kitchen pop like never before.

How about trying a brand-new fan or a lighting fixture during your small kitchen renovation? Those outdated ones will add a new look to your kitchen. You may opt to choose trendy and fabulous styles which would indeed be a fun & easy experience which you will love for sure. You do not even require to be an electrician to install a new light or fan and can be done all by yourself.


So, you do not require to keep looking at that old kitchen anymore. It’s time to spruce it up now and go for the latest type of kitchen renovation!

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