Roof Maintenance Tips To Follow

Generally, after building up the roof we leave paying attention towards and then we expect our roof to work in a perfect manner without creating any of the issue. But how can it be possible without making any of the effort towards its maintenance. If you want to stay away from expenses of replacement of your roof or heavy repair expense, then you need to maintain it in a proper manner for its durability and long lasting factor. Follow the below mentioned roofing maintenance tips and your roof will offer you with a long life.

Inspect your roof on a regular basis

You should always keep a track on your roof whether there any is any issue or not. Check out if your roof has any debris then clean it out. Check out there is no ice damming and no damage due to it. It is also advisable to inspect your roof after there is any storm, as you can know if there is any damage or not and if there you have a chance to take immediate action.

Clean the gutters

Clogged gutters can be one of the major reasons for the damaged roof. You should be conscious regarding cleaning the gutters. You should definitely clean up the gutters after there are downspouts and trees have shed their leaves. While cleaning also check out if there are any breaks or gaps in between the seams and also make sure that the brackets holding the gutters are attached securely.

Check the flashing

Flashing is the primary target for the leaks and the reason behind it is that it is covering a hole in the roof. Flashing should be specifically checked around the chimney, exhaust pipes and around the vents. These are the main points for damage. Check out that it is not bent or punctured also check that the sealant is not dried out or it is not loose.

Remove all the overhanging tree limbs

Those trees which are growing very close to the roof can damage the roof. It can remove the paint also. It is a hazard to your roof. There is risk of breaking up the limbs and falling on the roof and damaging them. This debris can also remove the protective stone coating layer of the roof and hence decreasing its longevity.

Check out for animal damage

There are certain animals which make up your roof as their home and this is not so beneficial for your roof. Raccoons, squirrels, birds and chipmunks and birds are some of those who can damage your roof by making it their residence. If your roof has been weakened by rot then it will be easy for them to get access. They will not create a big damage but they will enlarge the existing damage and it can cause you a big repair expense.

§  Avoid walking on the roof

You can damage your roof if you are walking on it. No matter whatever material you use but constant walking on the roof can lead to damage it as it can be fragile. Materials like asphalt shingles, clay tiles and slate are such which can easily get damaged or get broken by walking on it.

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