Different Types of House Siding

Siding being an essential part of your home should be chosen with proper care and caution. It adds color, glamour, style and extra look to improve your home. There are various types of materials for siding. Here is a brief description of some of them just to guide you as to how are they, their qualities and drawbacks.

Vinyl siding

One of the most popular types of siding among various different type is vinyl siding. The qualities which made it so popular are none other but less expensive, low maintenance and versatile. Many of the people are attracted by the plastic type look of vinyl siding. The styling and color of vinyl siding depict the reason of its demand and popularity. Technology being changed and advanced has found many easy and simple ways for siding being installed. People in the favor of do it yourself tasks should definitely go for vinyl siding as it can be installed by you with the help of just few tools which are easily available at any home improvement store. For avoiding mistakes, follow instructions of manufacturers and watch online videos for more help.

Wood siding

Wood siding is generally preferred for bungalow, Cape Cod and cottage exteriors. Wood siding offers you a great and rich look. Another preference for wood siding is that it is durable but don’t take its durability for granted. You need to maintain it properly for getting advantage of its durability. With passage of time this needs timely maintenance. It needs to be prevented from weather changes and also need to be painted timely. It can be infected by insects or even rodent attacks. It totally depends on your maintenance as to how long your wooden siding will last. It can last for 10 years or it can even last for 100 years.

Brick siding

Brick is generally found on Tudor and English cottage exteriors offering an extremely attractive look. Bricks are available in different size and shape. It is prepared from fired clay. In today’s time, brick siding is generally a veneer constructed outside a wood structure along a mortar which is used to hold the bricks together. Water is able to penetrate into bricks thus to protect it from water a membrane is installed between brick veneer and the house. It is highly durable. But installation of brick siding can prove to be expensive as it is a labor intensive work.

Fiber cement siding

Possessing a lot of quality, fiber cement siding has been opted by many of the homeowners. Some of its special features are non-flammable, termite resistant and low maintenance. It offers you a look of stucco, wood or masonry at lower costing. Factory painting or finishing are highly recommended as it offers availability of varied styles and textures. With much of its advantages it also has some drawbacks. Fiber cements siding faces the moisture issues. And the home built before 1980s might contain asbestos in the siding and needs a professional contractor for removing this asbestos.

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