Metal RV Covers Where To Buy And How To Choose Online

Guest Blog VB: Metal RV Covers: Where To Buy And How To Choose Online

Much like homes, RVs are major investments for most Americans. Most motorhomes exceed the price of vehicles running on the street and freeway. RV owners need regular interior and exterior maintenance to maintain their longevity. The best way to do this is by keeping the RV in a garage or a carport shed. If you’re searching for metal RV covers, then you should definitely check out the online collection of metal RV covers for sale.

But, you may get tempted to go for cheaper alternatives like fabric covers or renting a space. First, the fabric cover does not provide full safety and protection. Over time, RV will start to show signs of aging. The next option is renting a garage or a carport, which may seem cheaper in the high sight but will prove to be costlier in the long run. How? Let’s compare and see.

Pros & Cons of Renting RV Shelter Space




1 It is a quick solution. It is not good in the long run.
2 It is affordable in the short term. It is expensive for a long duration.
3 It is easy to find rental parking online. Missing rental payment may lead to losing your RV.
4 You don’t need to spend time installing shelter. Security might be a concern in rental units.
5 You don’t have to do cleaning or maintenance. Your RV might be exposed to elements that can ruin your vehicle.

What’s The Best Long Term Storage Solution?

Though the solution varies with individual needs, it is always a better choice for a permanent shelter if you own an RV. You can search for metal RV covers for sale near me to find potential options available. You will get options like a wooden carport, metal carport, and garage.

This structure will be installed on your property as a multi-functional unit. You can use them for parking motorhomes, cars, SUVs, outdoor shaded seating areas, shaded patio spaces, and garages that can be remodeled into workshops, home offices, or guest rooms. Options are endless here.

Where Can You Buy Metal RV Cover For Sale?

Now, to buy a metal RV cover, you have two options:

1. Call or visit the metal dealer office to get your metal building.

2. Search online for metal builders and request a quote on an RV carport.

How To Choose RV Cover Online?

At first, it may appear a bit confusing, as online purchases often result in memes like ‘what we ordered and what we got. So, to get the best deal and bang for your buck, here are some simple tips for RV owners.

1. Determine Size

We recommend that you measure the RV yourself before buying its shelter. How do you measure your RV?

Width: Calculate your RV’s width. If your RV is expandable from the sides, consider the extra width to open it inside the steel garage.

Length: Measure from front to rear bumper.

Height: Measure from the bottom of the tires to the topmost part, including AC ducts, vents, and skylights sticking out. 

Tip: Add 2 to 3 feet to length, width, and height so that your motorhome will fit better inside a garage or carport. If you want storage space, add sq. ft. accordingly.

2. Measure Your Lot

Now that we have measured the size of the motorhome and decided on the right size for the RV cover, you can measure your lot. Having a rough idea of how much space you have on your property will help you decide on the size of the RV carport you should get.

3. Building Codes

Local zoning laws and building guidelines are meant to ensure your safety and that of your neighbors. Some areas prone to extreme weather conditions may require additional features like vertical metal roof panels and 12-gauge steel posts and frames.

Note: It is necessary to follow building codes to avoid any penalty or fine in the future. At worst, you may be asked to remove and rebuild the entire structure if it does not comply with the local authority’s rules.

4. Choose the Types of Metal RV Cover

When it comes to steel buildings, there are three main types you can use as parking spots for your beloved motorhome. Let’s examine them one by one.

RV Steel Carport

Metal Carports are open from all sides and have a roof to provide shade to vehicles. You can add gable ends and 3-foot sidewalls to protect the carport from direct rainwater and sunlight throughout the day. These are the most affordable RV covers you can buy.

RV Utility Building

A utility steel building is a combination of a carport and a metal shed. Here, you can park your RV in the shade and get extra enclosed space as a storage unit. These affordable units can be used for a variety of purposes. Look for metal RV covers for sale online to find the best deal.

For instance, you can use a 20 x 50 x 10 metal combo unit to park a motorhome and have a storage shed for keeping removable items from the RV. Some metal dealers offer customization so you can change length, width, and height according to your lot and vehicle’s size e.g., you can increase size up to 20 ft.

RV Metal Garage

Metal garages are enclosed from all sides and provide security and full protection. You can add smart home features like security cameras, motion sensor lights, and smart door locks. Metal garages can also be repurposed for other applications, such as a workshop, guest room, art studio, or home office.

5. Check Metal Builder’s Authenticity

Look for metal dealers who offer metal RV covers for sale online. Check their websites, social media handles, and feedback from ex-clients to learn about services and metal quality. After going through the websites of various metal dealers, choose three and request a quote on your desired metal RV garage.

6. Request Quotes from Various Websites & Compare

This will help you compare the prices and find the best deal. You can search online for metal RV covers for sale near me, visit the metal builder’s office, and talk about your requirements. Different websites will give you different.

See what is included in the price quoted. Some builders offer free shipping, while others include shipping and installation in the quote. Comparing overall terms will give you the best picture.

7. Get Blueprint & Apply for Permit

Once you have decided which steel builder you want to use, the next thing to do is get the blueprint of that metal structure and submit it to secure a permit. Always get your design approved first before buying and proceeding with construction work.

Making changes on paper will be easy, but buying the building will cost more.

8. Buy the Metal Building

Buy the building only after your metal RV garage is approved. The permit process may take 1-2 weeks, and a complex permit can take up to 8 weeks.

9. Prepare Foundation & Call Installation Team

Prepare the foundation and let the concrete cure for at least 28 days before the installation team arrives. Ensure all the raw materials are delivered to you. If any part is missing, contact the dealer promptly.

All Things Considered

We understand that buying and installing an RV cover is necessary for the safety of your RV. That’s why we recommend that you get the best deal by calling a metal dealer and asking about metal RV covers for sale. Almost all metal builders run sales every season.

A metal RV cover is the best way to prepare for winter and keep your RV safe and properly functioning for camping. It is a great option as it requires less aftercare. It is sturdy and made of durable materials that last long. So, why wait? Start browsing now and protect your RV from the elements with the best metal covers available.

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