How Would You Install Ducted Heating and Cooling System

Different types of heating and cooling systems are available nowadays and buyers often get confused when it comes to investing in the right heating cooling systems for residential use. Ducted air conditioners have become popular in recent years and there are many people who will suggest to invest in ducted heating and cooling systems rather than investing in multiple air conditioners for different rooms. In this case, you do not need to install any air conditioner or room heater in your home, and you can use the same system to keep your room in moderate temperature throughout the year.

5 simplest tips to install ducted heating and cooling systems

The easier installation makes it more convenient for the users and in case readers are wondering about the simple installation, the article will discuss it in brief.

#1. Roof inspection

Ducted system is concealed with the roof and it uses the roof space of the house. It uses the vents to navigate the air into the rooms and hence you must inspect your roof before installing the ducted system. Roof cavity is an important thing and that must be checked before installation.

Different types of ducted heating and cooling systems are now available at the stores and people should get an idea about different types of ducts before choosing the final one.

#2. Choosing the duct

People can find a wide variety of air ducts in recent years and the second step of the installation is choosing the air duct. Sheet metal ducts are cheap and if you have restricted budget then you can choose such ducts for your house.

There are other types of ducts such as spiral ducts, insulated ducts, flex ducts and others, and people should choose the right ducts considering the appearance and other factors. Insulated ducting is very popular nowadays and it can be a good choice for residential use.

#3. Sketching the installation

Installing ducted heating and cooling systems is not easy and it can be challenging without professional assistance. The unit can be divided into two different parts, one is indoor unit and another is an outdoor unit. The indoor unit needs to be disassembled in several parts before installing into the ceiling. Once the task is completed it’s time to focus on air mixing plenum, which needs to be done carefully. It fixes the set of dampers and the roof plays a crucial role here. Professionals are advised to make a rough sketch of the installation so that you can follow the layout to install your ducted heating and cooling system.

#4. Ductwork

Once the above mentioned steps are done, it’s time for ductwork. It involves cutting the ducts in specific sizes and making boxes. Professionals use razor knives, tape measure and duct boards to cut the ducts accordingly and foil tapes are used to make the boxes.

Once the boxes are constructed, it’s time to connect the boxes with the air handler. The ductwork is tough and professionals should pay extra attention to ductwork while installing ducted heating and cooling systems.

#5. Test the installation

Now you need to install the ducts and if you face minor problems with installation then you call the trained professionals to install the same.

Take your time to understand the cooling efficiency of ducted heating and cooling systems. Sometimes people also complain about problems in the supply vents, and we also suggest the readers check the supply vents and duct connections to check whether everything is alright.

Installation of duct air conditioners can be tricky and hence it is suggested to hire expert professionals. We hope the above mentioned tips will help the readers to get an idea about the ducted heating and cooling systems installation.

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