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Six Important Benefits You Should Know About Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative cooling, also recognized as adiabatic cooling, is based on the concept of water evaporation, and it cools the air to a suitable heat. Egyptian artwork dating back to 2500 BC has been discovered depicting porous clay containers filled with water being put beneath an air entrance to cool when the air went through them. Cooling was incorporated into the design and construction of their homes to provide some climate control.

This Evaporative Cooling Method Can Be Used In A Variety Of Ways:

Different cooling system is used for different purposes. Each has its own method of functioning. The two ways of cooling are as follow:

  • Adiabatic cooling (indirect/direct)
  • Evaporative cooling (direct)

After passing through the evaporator, which cools and humidifies the air, it is introduced directly to the space to be cooled. This technique is especially effective when the outside air is hot and dry or when heaters are present.

Evaporative Cooling By Indirect Evaporation

Consider that the air going through the evaporator removes heat from an exchanger, cooling the air without humidifying it. Because the two perspectives are separated from one another, the air’s purity is preserved. When the outdoor humidity is already high, this system is ideal.

Benefits Of Such Cooling Devices

Water evaporates in a stream of air and transforms from a liquid to gas during the evaporative cooling process. This transformation necessitates the extraction of energy from the air in the form of heat. The air gets cooled because of this process. Few benefits are mentioned below:

1. Energy conservation

The main benefit of evaporative cooling is that they have lower operating costs than typical air conditioning systems. With a well-designed evaporative cooling solution that is tailored to your unique needs, you might save up to 80% on the energy expenses associated with typical air conditioning cooling.


2. Get some fresh air

The system works optimally when a tiny amount of outside air moves into the space where the evaporative cooling is used. This provides 100 per cent fresh air to the environment, reducing the risk of poor indoor air quality and air pollution, which is an issue that is often disregarded in the food and beverage processing industry. Outside pollens and bacterial contamination, such as algae growth, are prevented.

3. Allows for the opening and closing of doors and windows

Evaporative cooling, unlike typical cooling systems, requires continual airflow to function. This implies that your facilities will benefit from higher-quality, 100 per cent fresh air always, lowering the danger of contamination. The circulation of air is evenly done and requires no manual effort for this. You will not have to worry about the opening and closing of the windows anymore.

4. Reduced start-up and ongoing costs

One of the significant advantages of evaporative cooling is its low initial capital investment cost, saving up to 80% on annual operating costs. Not only are the units less expensive than traditional cooling systems, but they can also be less expensive to install. Due to their simple design, maintenance and repairs can be less expensive as well.

5. Ecologically friendly

Traditional air conditioning equipment is becoming a costly risk to take, especially with phase-out plans to eliminate the usage of certain greenhouse gases and carbon emission restrictions growing more stringent. On the other hand, Evaporative cooling is an entirely green solution that uses very little electricity and water while having no negative influence on the environment.

6. Functionality of open space

Unlike other cooling systems that circulate air and are only effective in closed spaces, evaporative cooling can be installed in open areas or rooms. This make it convenient for places where people are rushing in and out of continuously. A lobby for example is a place where guests or visitors wait. There are always people moving in and out and hence such ACs are required here.

Cooling is a more effective cooling method. Because it’s more humid, you won’t experience dry, irritated eyes or irritating skin. It seems natural and pleasant to live in, and it enhances the enjoyment of your house for the entire family. You must make a note of all the above-mentioned points and then visit the market for the purchase.

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