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Basic tips on carpet maintenance

Your oriental carpet is surely one of your most prized assets and it’s only natural that you want to preserve it for lifetime. However, remember, that your carpet would demand good maintenance on your part to restore its longevity. You must be careful about proper carpet cleaning and restoration when you are looking forward to pass on the treasured oriental asset as a cherished family heirloom to the future genre. The article here is a brief covering basic tips on carpet maintenance.

Easy tips on carpet cleaning

Vacuum cleaning is a must when you have a carpet at home. You must vacuum the carpet at least twice every week. The vacuum cleaners are fantastic in removing the dry dirt particles lurking within the carpet fabric that can otherwise dull down the carpet luster & cause matting. Then, you must know that heavy furnishing right on your carpeted floor could be damaging for the fabric. Thus, the experts always suggest putting glides under your heavy furnishing that will help to combat crushing. It’s also advised to rotate furnishing occasionally so that the carpet area gets to rest. Then, sunlight can be harsh for the carpet fiber. Thus, make sure not to expose it much to the scorching sun and close the blinds periodically.

Right carpet cleaning is another significant aspect of carpet maintenance. In case of any spillage you have to blot dry the area immediately. If it’s some solid dirt, scoop out the thing fast to avoid further damage. Be gentle with carpet cleaning and never scrub or rub on the surface as otherwise it can be pretty harmful for your treasure. Finally, professional cleaning is a must if you want to keep your carpet glam, healthy and anew. The experts advise for an annual cleaning of carpets by the professionals even if you are going on with home cleaning.

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