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Keeping Your Carpet Perfect In Between The Professional Cleaning Sessions

A plush, new carpet is always a pretty addition to your dream household. No wonder anyone having a taste for interior decoration does have at least one carpet, tastefully placed on an aesthetic corner of their home. But with investing on a sophisticated carpet, you also commit yourself to its optimum maintenance. Quality carpets are expensive and hence, they cannot be changed off and on. Again, you need to clean and maintain your carpet regularly not only to uphold its appearance, but also for health reasons. You might wonder why!

Dirty carpets are a thriving space for allergens, which, in turn, pollute the air quality of indoors, thus leading to respiratory issues. Though a careful homeowner makes sure to give an annual carpet cleaning session to his or her possessed treasures, they need additional care to stay in top shape. You did to take extra care of your carpets especially if you have pets and children at home. But you need not always to seek professional help to make it. Get the pointers to make your carpet shine and smile even when a professional carpet cleanser is not around.

#1: Vacuuming

Vacuum your carpet if you need to clear soils from it. Regular use of vacuum cleaners helps the soil from embedding deep into the fabric of your carpet. Again, it is useful in high traffic regions. Plus, if you vacuum every section for many times (it can be time, consuming, though), then you can ensure a thorough cleansing.

#2: soft cloths/ paper

You can blot away the carpet spills with its use. Carpets, as a matter of fact, have many ‘enemies’, including ink, tea, wine, milk and the like. Make sure to remove any spills as fast as possible, otherwise the spill can turn stubborn. You can easily blot away fresh spills using a paper or a soft cloth. You can also consider using a mild cleaning solution for the purpose. But before you use it on your carpet, do a ‘patch test’ on an unnoticed part of it to check for discolorations.

#3: Shampooing

Shampooing carpets is an old practice but the next time you do it, make sure to use mild (preferably organic) varieties only. Optimally, after washing, the carpet should dry within the next eight hours. This is because, any piece of fabric, when kept wet for too long a time can turn to be a breeding ground of mould and bacteria. You can use air driers to dry it fast.

#4: carpet freshener

Deodorizing carpets is one of the major tasks of the reliable carpet cleaning companies. To make it smell fresh, you can also try using home-made carpet deodorants. You can either spray carpet fresheners with the commercial varieties, or prepare your own freshener using baking soda and essential oils. Sprinkle some raw baking soda on your carpet, then mix some drops of essential oils with another cup of baking soda and pour it in a shaker with big holes. Sprinkle the mixture on your carpet and then lightly vacuum! Thus, say a long goodbye to carpet odours. Talking about essential oils, the best options for carpets include anilla, sweet orange, geranium, lemon, lavender, rose and peppermint.

Regular cleaning of your carpets will make them smelling sweet, appearing new and also healthy. On the other hand, improper or poor maintenance will make your carpets dirty. Moreover, they can be a real pain to clean and keep. Once again, the pointers that you have just come across will surely go a long way to maintain your carpets, but that should not stop you from giving them an annual maintenance that they truly deserve. Wise tips, when coupled with professional assistance can yield lovable results.

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