Types Of Shower Screen That Are Popular Everywhere

One of the frequently visited rooms in any home is the bathroom space. Whether you want to take a bath, , or freshen up yourself a visit to a bathroom is a must. A bathroom is one such place where you can spend a quality time. A nice looking bathroom with beautiful tiles, a nice mirror, and lovely shower screens will look beautiful and sophisticated. One small but important element which can be important for your bathroom is the shower screens. It is essential to install such screens so that you can protect the bathroom from the regular splashes of water.

Such types of screens look aesthetically appealing and there are a variety of design options available in the market as per your needs and budget. It is good to have a dedicated shower area in your bathroom so that you have space to keep your belongings in a nice way. Be it a small or a big bathroom look for a wide range of shower screen that will look great in the bathroom. So, if you are renovating or remodeling your bathroom, one of the most important accessory which can make it look modern and neat is the shower screen. Outlined below are few types of shower screens which you can choose as per your needs, requirements, and budget.


Fully frameless shower screen

If your bathroom is small you can consider choosing the full frameless shower screens. Suc kind of screens doesn’t have any types of frames around the glass. Here the glasses are attached to the wall with the help of stainless steel fittings. Such kind of fitting can ensure a clean and modern look for your small bathroom.

  • #1. Fully framed shower screen: Such kind of shower screen range actually have a frame aluminum frames on the sides, top, bottom, and at the edges of the shower screen door. Such kind of shower screens is the most economical option available.
  • #2. Semi-frameless: In such type of shower screen, the frames are seen only at the bottom and top of the panels whereas the door is frameless. By installing such type of shower screen, you can easily enjoy that contemporary and sophisticated look which you cannot expect from fully frameless shower screens but at a fraction of a cost.


Sliding door shower screens:

Such kind of shower screens are exceptional space savers and are apt for bathrooms with limited space. While the internal space of such kind of shower screens are the same as the space offered by the closed ones, the only difference is that the doors do not open either on the inside or outside, they slide horizontally.

Other than providing a modern look and feel to the bathroom glass shower screens range offer a range of benefits like they alter the entire look of the bathroom, avoid splashing of water on the floor, minimize leakage, easy to clean, add a boundary to the shower area and extremely easy to maintain and install.

You will come across varied glass shower screens range in the market and online. The range will have sliding doors, fixed panels, and hinged doors. You can frame the glass in metal or install a frameless shower screen.

You can get it customized as per your choice so that the bathroom looks well-designed and maintained.

Depending on the space available in the bathroom and as per your budget you can install a glass shower screen that will look beautiful and make the shower area a safe zone. Consult an interiors designer for design advice so that you make the right choice and elevate the looks and functionality of the bathroom.

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