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How To Maintain a Beautiful Lawn?

A beautiful and well-manicured thick lawn brings more curb appeal to your house and increases the value of your property. In Landscaping design the grass in your yard helps reduce soil erosion, trap carbon dioxide and clean the air. So it is necessary to maintain the lawn effectively to add a classical touch to your front or back yard. There are certain things, such as aerating, watering, mowing, and fertilising, that a homeowner should take into consideration when maintaining the lawn.

Aerate your lawn:

The soil beneath your lawn may become compact over time due to high use because of kids or pets. The presence of too many soil particles can intervene in the smooth functioning of the lawn, such as nutrient absorption, water drainage and air circulation. The soil compaction can be prevented by perforating the soil with 3” deep holes throughout the lawn. Aerate your lawn regularly to help your grass grow in better conditions. The microorganisms and earthworms can also help break down thatch.

Hand, spike, aerator shoes, plug and rolling are some different types of aerators that are used to aerate the lawn. Plug aerator tool removes core or plugs of soil and grass whereas spiker aerator tool pokes holes in your soil. It is better to use a plug aerator tool because a spiker aerator only pokes holes instead of removing thatch. Keep in mind to aerate your lawn once a year.

Water your lawn less but deeply:

Choosing sprinklers to irrigate your lawn is a good decision but check whether the lawns are watered evenly. Water your lawn less often and deeply to maintain the moisture at the roots and for healthier lawn growth. The roots will grow deeper into the soil if the grass is watered less frequently. This will help your grass stay lush green even during hot summer or drought.

Generally, 1 to 1.5 inches of water per week is enough for a lawn, but the water requirement may vary based on grass type, soil type and local weather conditions. Early morning is the ideal condition for watering your lawn because it helps prevent evaporation.

Natural lawn fertilizers:

Use natural lawn fertilizers instead of synthetic lawn fertilizers because they are proven to be effective, and it is better for your environment, especially grass. Synthetic lawn fertilizers give the lawn a lush green look but eventually will wash away and do nothing good to the soil. The lawns also need nutrients for healthier growth, so organic lawn fertilizers work well because they are obtained from natural animal and plant sources.

Some of the known plant and animal sources are seaweed, alfalfa, cottonseed meal, chicken and cow manure, bone meal and bat guano. It is necessary to understand the soil composition because it helps choose the required ingredient that your soil lacks before purchasing.

Mow your grass regularly:

Mowing your grass frequently will make your grass grow strong and healthy, giving it a uniform look. Many would suggest that the blade should be set to the highest setting when mowing your lawn. But the height of the grass depends on its type and properties. Always check whether the blades on the lawnmower are sharp to achieve a clean straight cut because a dull blade can pull up a whole portion of grass instead of cutting it. Consider buying a manual reel mower that uses a helical blade to cut the grass like scissors rather than a rotary lawnmower.

Keep these things in mind if this is your first attempt at maintaining your lawn. Since you invested so much in building your house, it is necessary to bring an aesthetic appeal by designing a good landscape in your yard. If you are looking for a perfect lawn or good landscape design for your yard, contact Invision. Our unique landscape and garden designs helped many clients to achieve their desired look. Upkeep your lawn to add more beauty and value to your property.

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