Decorating Your New Home in 4 Easy Ways

Even though some may say that this or that decor style is timeless, in 2018 the rules have changed. First of all, you’re no longer restricted to getting items that you can find in your closest vicinity, since you can order them from anywhere in the world. Second, the technology is now an inescapable part of our lives and it should be included into any design. Finally, with countless YouTube DIY tutorials and online ideas, you can now customize literally any part of your home. Here are some ideas that could be useful in decorating your new home.

#1. Green bathroom

Self-sustainability and planet friendliness are all the rage in the early 21st century. However, for a homeowner, they bring even financial benefits. Zero-energy homes may be expensive to construct and equip, but are extremely budget-friendly in the long run. For example, by going green in your bathroom and replacing your toilet, shower and faucet with low-flow alternatives, you can drastically reduce your water spending. Additionally, you can replace your incandescent light bulb with the LED one and do the same with the bulbs on your vanity (if you have them in the first place). This way, you have a modern and economic bathroom that is planet-friendly at the same time.

#2. High tech living room

The next thing on the list is your living room, and here you need to think outside of the box. Sure, traditionally, living room was supposed to be a place where a family comes together. You can still make it so, but you need a bit different approach. Go full tech on your living room and transform it into a genuine home theater. Experts from universal home theatre claim that, as far as the interior design goes, HDTV is the new fireplace. Go for a high resolution screen, a 7.1. sound system and organize the room’s seating accordingly. The only thing left is to get a popcorn machine and you’re be completely set and ready.

#3. DIY accessories

For all those who want to take a bigger role in their home’s furnishing, but don’t want to build major furniture pieces, accessorizing is always an option. You can customize jars to become hanging flower pots. Create interesting wall shelves by combining old drawers with unused picture frames, or even make a simple key holder from an old plank and several nails. Once you become comfortable enough, you can even try your hand in something as daring as making a palette bar or a hammock. All you will need here are professional tools, some palettes and a YouTube tutorial. The world is your oyster!

#4. Lighting system

One last thing, handling the power of light and your indoors illumination properly is something that can make or break your entire design effort. Your primary concern should always be letting enough natural light. This is why large windows and sliding doors are highly recommended, while decorative pillars in the middle of the room are not. Nonetheless, bright reflective colors and the plethora of mirrors can intensify natural light even if its influx is moderate at best. Lastly, no matter how many hours of sun you have annually, you will still have to rely on an artificial lighting system, as well. Here, you will have a lot of different options, but remember one thing, light source itself can serve as a room accessory.


While visual impression that your home makes will always be important, in the 21st century, it may no longer be paramount. The practicality of household devices, their frugal nature and even personalization of your space can be just as important. Because of this, you need to keep an eye out on appliances that will pay off in time, as well as tech pieces for your enjoyment. Finally, if the situation demands it, don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty.

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