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DIY Tips To Build a Bookcase

You may think that building a bookcase may be difficult but if you know the DIY steps then it would not seem an arduous task. You will have to be innovative if you want it to be of a unique design although you don’t need to be a skilled craftsman for it. In order to build a bookcase here are some of the items which you will require:

  • A hammer and a screw driver
  • Brads and screws
  • Stain, paint and sand paper
  • Few pieces of thin hardwood but not cardboard
  • A big piece of lumber which is cut in half
  • Another two pieces of lumber which should be in a section of 32 inches

How to build a bookcase

Producing sophisticated and intricate styles would require the help of a professional but if you want to make it in an easy way following are some of the steps which you will have to follow:

  1. First thing is to form the sides of the bookcase which will be done with the help of the lumber. You will have to cut them into two pieces with dimensions 2”, 10” and 12”.
  2. Next would be to get the other two pieces of lumber which would be cut in to two pieces of 32 inches each and they would be further separated in the dimensions 1”, 10” and 8”. These pieces will form the top and bottom halves of the bookcase and also the shelves.
  3. With the help of the sandpaper you would have to even out the edges of the all the hardboards. It is important because otherwise it would affect painting which would be done after sanding the edges. The paint should be such that it looks like a hardwood or plywood.
  4. Once you decide on the space of the shelves the sides of the bookcase would have to be marked accordingly.
  5. Next would be to fit the “I” brackets and then aligning them to the height of the shelf. The brackets should be fitted to the side of the case.
  6. The top shelf should be fastened from both sides with the help of “I” brackets after which you would do the same thing for the lower shelf. You may color the “I” brackets if you want.
  7. Last is to fit the back which can be done by cutting the hardwood and fitting it in the sides of the case aligning it with the other shelves.

Follow these instructions for building a bookcase to add an attractive look for new ways to improving your home.

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