Advantages And Disadvantages Of Installing Evaporative Cooling At Your Homes/Offices

We are always in need of a pleasant environement and soothing temaprature. When you are looking for a chief cooling system for your house in a humid climate. Evaporative cooling is the best option. It reduces the expenses. At the same time helping in fresh air circulation inside the room. The air circulation is through the evaporation of water.

Benefits Of Installing The Evaporative Cooling System

For its benefits, its uses are in large industrial and commercial areas. They are as follows:

  • The efficiency of this cooling system is high. It can show the benefit of saving bills to nearly 80 percent.
  • Installation of the systems is easy. Hereby, there is no need of spending on the maintenance of the system.
  • There is no need for chemicals or agents (gases) for the production of fresh air. Circulation of air and its function is carried out by water stored in the system’s chamber.
  • The functioning of evaporative cooler helps in producing fresh air. It can increase efficiency when the windows and doors are open.
  • This system helps in maintaining an ecofriendly environment. As it does not produce pollution.
  • Above all, it is one of the cheapest systems to install. Due to its less expenses, the system is used in large industries and factories.
  • These are some of the reasons that the evaporative system is preferable for a large area. Especially, for the industrial and factory areas.

Disadvantage Of Evaporative Cooling

The disadvantages of evaporating coolers that you should consider before buying one system are as follows:

1.      Evaporative cooling does not provide effective cooling it does ensure a feeling of relief from the excessive heat. The temperature does not lower than the room temperature.

2.      It may not be best in hot and humid areas such as the desert. It is because electronic appliances lead to thermal discomfort.

3.      Evaporative air is often are the reason for catching a cold and cough. Often people suffering from asthma cannot tolerate the circulated air in the room space.

4.      The moisture produced with the cooling system causes damages to the corrosive electronic products.

Difference Between An Air Conditioner And Evaporative Cooling

An air conditioner is one of the popular cooling systems due to its intense cooling ability. But there are few conditions when an evaporative cooler is effective. The differences that increase the preference at timings are as follows:

Air Conditioner

Evaporative Cooling System

Air conditioners are expensive as it increases the electricity bills. The larger the space expenses are more on the energy bill. On another hand, evaporative coolers is less expensive irrespective of the area or space.


The air conditioner allows re-circulated air as locked in a space within enclosed walls. Evaporating systems ensure fresh air as it flows through open windows and doors.


The air conditioner is suitable for all weather conditions. Evaporating a cooler is best for dry climates.


Airconditioners are comparatively prone to produce noise. Evaporation cooling causes no sounds while it operates.


Air Conditioners are used within closed doors. An Evaporative cooling system is best for the area that provides natural airflow.


AC is not that easy to be mounted and a professional is need to help in the installation process. It is easy to install and eco-friendly at the same time.
Air conditioner are used because it removes the moisture from the air and are suitable in humid areas. Evaporation is one of the best ways to survive in hot and humid climates. It produces moisture that enables to cool the air.


Moreover, the evaporative cooler can help to reduce the temperature of the room. As there are many benefits but there are also some disadvantages which have made it unpreferable. Few limitations have reduced its uses in different sectors. The uses of these Evaporative Cooling system are acknowleged in many places and hence are in demand in those areas.

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