9 Ways to Make Your Bathrooms Safer for the Family

Bathroom accidents are considerably common occurrences. This is because, quite often, when building a bathroom, people neglect to factor in on safety features. They pay more attention to the style of the space and putting in the typical room integrations.

However, if you have young children in your household, or elderly grandparents or other relatives, safety should be the top priority when building and designing a bathroom. For bathrooms that are not just convenient but also safe for all of the family members to use, listed below are nine pieces of advice from a trusted emergency plumbing company in Melbourne.

#1. Use smart taps

Taps can be difficult to work with, especially for really young children and the elderly. Twisting a knob that they cannot properly reach or grasp poses problems. A lot of senior citizens say that turning on a tap with a knob not only hurts their joints but also leads to bumps and scrapes at times. Meanwhile, children can bump their bodies on the edge of the sink counter, just to turn the knob.

Such an issue is solved if you would opt to install smart taps. These are taps with either a simple push up and down on and off feature or sensor technology. People with mobility challenges will have no problem using the tap with such on and off features.

#2. Keep floors slip-resistant

Choose a flooring material that dries more quickly, or install a floor cover that can protect bathroom users from slipping. There are rubberized bathroom floor tiles to choose from.

Likewise, you can invest in high-quality wood such as Hinok for bathroom flooring. This is a unique Japanese cypress that is slip-resistant and absorbent. This wood also smells lovely when wet and is mould-resistant. If you can’t install Hinoki floors, opt for Hinoko bathroom mats instead.


#3. Always keep bathroom floors clutter-free

Clearing floors of dirt and clutter is an effective way of reducing safety risks. Therefore, aside from cleaning your bathroom regularly, do not leave items lying around on the floor as well. Put away cords, designate an area for bathroom slippers, and try not to put bathroom decor on the floor.

Clutter-free floors can automatically lower the risk of bumps, slips, spills, and other accidents in the bathroom.

#4. Install grab bars in strategic parts of the bathroom

Grab bars are some of the best safety features for bathrooms. They can support weight and make sure that you have something stable to hold on to when getting out of the tub, or rising from the toilet. The best places to install grab bars are right beside the toilet, the walls by the bathtub, as well as inside the shower.

These grab bars can prevent falls when the floors are slippery. At the same time, they can support your body weight when you’re trying to move from a low body position to an upright one and vice versa. It’s crucial to mention too that it’s always better to use long grab bars than short ones and for them to be covered with non-slippery grips.

#5. Have leaks repaired right away

Leaks can lead to flooding in the bathroom, which is always a safety issue. But, aside from that, when you have leaks in the bathroom, it creates the perfect environment for mould to grow. Mould is not only an eyesore, but it can also lead to health problems.

When you see leaks coming from the plumbing framework of your bathroom, call in expert plumbers right away. Otherwise, you will have to deal with more and costlier damages.

#6. Attach corner guards to sink counters

Silicone rubber corner guards should be placed on the sharp corners of the sink, especially if you have small children sharing the bathroom. With the rubber corner guards in place, you do not have to worry as much about the wobbly small members of the family accidentally bumping their heads on the sharp edges of the hard counter.


#7. Keep the water at the right temperature at all times

Always set the thermostat of water heaters at the right temperature. This is the best way to prevent burns and scalds in the shower, which often happen when the user is still sleepy and heads straight to the bathroom to bathe. The ideal water temperature for bathing is at 37 degrees celsius for children 41 degrees celsius for adults.

If you use mixer taps, however, run the cold water first and then turn on the hot water. Doing this will allow you to adjust and gradually achieve the ideal temperature for washing.

#8. Never leave your kids alone in the bathroom

Several reports reveal that children can easily drown in shallow water. Therefore, if you like to bathe them in the tub, never leave them alone. If you need to get out of the bathroom for some reason, bring the little one with you.

And, make sure that there are mats or towels on the floor whenever you bathe young children. This will prevent slipping, especially when you are carrying a child dripping with water.

#9. Deal with blocked drains and toilets right away

These are plumbing problems that need immediate attention of professionals. These do not only cause flooding but the proliferation of harmful bacteria and germs that can lead to all kinds of health issues for the family.

If your household tends to experience blocked drains and toilets often, it will help to evaluate the family’s bathroom practices. Perhaps, you may need to change some of your hygiene products. Or, stop using wet wipes and throwing them into the toilet after use. After all, several reports show that wet wipes are the leading reason for blocked toilets because water cannot soften and tear them into bits like tissue.

So, those are the best integrations and practices for a much safer bathroom at home. Some products and bathroom practice modifications can be costly, but for the increased convenience and safety of your family, they are definitely worth it.

Author Bio: Based in South Melbourne, Blue Diamond Plumbing was founded in 1985, working on new homes, repairs and commercial contracts. Over time they have grown to become some of the best plumbers Melbourne has to offer. Since 2001 the company has specialised in Emergency Plumbing and Property Maintenance, Repairs and Renovations for homes and businesses in Melbourne and inner city suburbs. Owner Rod Diamond has over 30 years experience with emergency plumbing in Melbourne’s inner suburbs.

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