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What Are the Best Window Treatments for Bedrooms?

In all aspects of interior design and fit-out, window treatments play a great part in the general aesthetics of a room. Making a poor choice of window covering can create a huge difference to the energy and ambiance of an area. This is particularly true for that important room that every family member or resident values: the bedroom.

Your bedroom windows deserve to have the right treatment. Whether it’s for a romantic ambiance, to control lighting or to protect your privacy, it’s essential to have the ideal window covering.

To help you make the right decision, here are best kinds of window coverings that will work best for your bedroom.

1. Drapes

These are similar to curtains but made of heavier fabrics. They’re lined, pleated, and hung on a rod with a string for easy opening and closing. If you want something more formal, drapes will do the trick.

  • Blackout drapes: Have trouble sleeping? This type of drape has a heavy lining that helps block out the light. It’s a great solution to keep out daylight and block heat and cold drafts from leaking through the windows.
  • Drapes with silk: Pamper your bedroom with silk drapes for a plush and romantic ambiance. You can also add crystals, pleats, tassels, and beads for a personal touch.

2. Sheers

Same as what the name implies, sheers are light curtains made of sheer fabric. They’ll add a delicate charm to your bedroom but won’t provide enough privacy and block out sunlight. Typically, you can layer them over a shade or blind to give an open and airy feel.

One styling tip you can follow when using sheers is to mix simple sheer and opaque curtains for your bedroom windows. This way, the sheer fabric can allow light in during the day. At night, the opaque draperies will keep the light out and help buffer sound to ensure a good night’s sleep.

3. Valances

You can add a dramatic effect to your bedroom windows by making use of valances. They are decorative top treatments that you can use with curtains and many others to cover the mounting hardware. Basically, they are strips of fabric you wrap around the peak of a window frame.

Valances are further categorized into:

  • Arched valance: This is a highly proportional and decorative fabric valance with a center pleat and a top arch. At the bottom of the valance, there’s a matching band of fabric to create an accent. You can use this valance to break-up square and hard horizontal edges.
  • Box-pleated valance: This covers the bar for the coordinating draperies underneath. This smart treatment is great for master bedrooms where you may need a more formal feel.
  • Rolled valance: This can work as a valance or curtain whenever necessary. A rolled valance is simply a fabric rolled to the desired height and held together by contrasting ties. You can use knots or bows according to your choice to dress it up or down.

4. Curtains

This is the most common type of window treatment which you can find in most homes. They come in various colors, styles, and patterns. As such, they are handy for adding shades and patterns to your bedroom. They are typically made of lightweight fabric and you can buy them in packages with two panels inside.

Remember to keep the following in mind before buying curtains:

  • Privacy and lighting – Depending on your bedroom, consider how much amount of light you want to filter out. Also, consider a curtain with a darker fabric if you want more privacy and lesser natural light.
  • Material – Your fabric choice is a vital element when choosing a curtain. Determine how you’ll be using the curtain before you decide on what fabric. For a brighter vibe, lightweight fabric like cotton or linen works best.
  • Measurements – When correctly mounted, curtains can enhance your bedroom design and make it look bigger. Make sure to measure the height between the rod and floor before buying the curtains you want.

5. Blinds

This is a modern window treatment that works best for bedrooms because they block out sunlight and provide privacy. Made from hard materials like plastic, metal, wood or vinyl, they also have louvers that tilt the cords open or close. You can also lower or lift the entire blinds.

  • Venetian blinds: They are easy to adjust to have privacy at night and get natural light during the day. Wooden Venetian blinds are a perfect complement to a room that has wooden furniture.
  • Blackout roller blinds: They can completely block out your view outside. Some products also have a thermal coating to keep your bedroom warm during the winter season.

You shouldn’t take your window coverings lightly. Ensure that the coverings you choose work well with the windows you have in your home. Some window systems provide additional heat transfer protection and UV protection which will assist you in making your decisions around a more suitable window cover for the relevant room.

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