6 Basic Tips to Handle Plumbing Problems on Your Own

The plumbing problem is found everywhere, it is also possible to be in the network of pipes and taps in your house, there are some plumbing issues that can be solved without the help of any professional plumbers. You can check the plumbing problem on your own and solve it. Here are some of the tips that can be done to solve plumbing issues.

#1. If you see a problem, do not ignore it, take out some solution to that problem

If you see even a small leak in the pipes, do not ignore it. You may think that this is a small problem, but sometimes this small problem can become a big one. If there is a problem like a pipe leakage, broken tap, then these problems should be investigated by a professional plumber, because these sorts of problems need a proper technique and care to handle it.

But from your side, you should remember to see the valve where water flow can be controlled. With that help, water flow can be stopped.

If you find some water leakage from the pipe, then you can stop it using a compound stick available in most hardware stores. It’s important to note that you should always apply the dry epoxy paste only on dry pipes, also while applying the epoxy paste on the pipe, remember that the flow of water is off.

#2. How to secure your own pipe?

You will have to pay attention to it first. Is your pipe not freeze?

If your pipe is above the ground or in any open place, it is really important to protect that pipe. Heat tape and pipe insulators are some of the equipment that are easily available and can help to protect it from freezing when it’s cold and raining outside.

Another good way for this is that you can secure the safety of your pipe inside your house in a good way by fixing the pipe to the bottom of your cupboard or home. You can also keep your tap running a little bit and let the water drip more slowly.

#3. It is necessary for everyone to check and maintain whole plumbing structure once a year

It is important that you conduct an inspection on your sewage pipeline and sewage system every year. By checking all this, you will get a peace of mind that your pipe is still in good condition. And if you see any problems, you can rectify it. Regular and constant check-ups would avoid future major problems and costly repairs.

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#4. What can we do if the pipe and tap are broken too much?

If something breaks down and water starts coming out of the pipe, try to collect the water in a bucket. Turning off the water should be your first priority as shutoff valve is sometimes placed inside your house or behind your cabinets or in the sink of your house. And you should know how it should be closed. If there is too much blockage present, then you should stop it beforehand.

#5. Remove clogs without using chemical powder

If your drain is slowly being cleaned, do not buy an expensive chemical drain cleaner from the store. Gently removed the water with the snake of the drain. Pour it into the drain and pull it with a cloth attached to the drain. Another solution is that you can try using a dry vacuum or a dryer when the indicator is out.

#6. Never over tight fittings of pipe

If you are ever doing plumbing repair and service of your house, then you should remember one thing that after getting the work done, never make the pipe and wall fitting very tight. Over time, the rubber inside the pipe is going to be stretched due to over-tightening beside that linking of pipe would also increase. Therefore, do plumbing fittings at all times until you feel it is tightening and then stop.


These are some tips that can save you from small plumbing problems. Whether you’re working with your bathroom leakage or locking facets. All these problems might look big, but you can solve it yourself, you just have to put a little effort into it. If it gets too much, then it is prudent to call a professional plumber and protect plumbing structure of your home.

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