Different Types of French Furniture That You Can Find For Your Dream Home

The complex design and elegant artisanship of French furniture makes them highly adored sorts in the world. All through the centuries, the designs and styles changed, with every piece of furniture offering matchless quality. Vintage and traditional furniture features lovely quality and design, making them famous option for several art lovers. There are huge varieties of french style furniture that you can find for your bedrooms, for the drawing rooms and even for the small kitchens, and rustic styled homes. Right from the rustic styled furniture for the homes and offices, there is also the contemporary French furniture which is used as part of home decor.

get to know about different types of french furniture

As soon as buyers recognize a number of furniture styles, they can start picking the individual pieces and types that they want to buy. Buyers can select the type or style of French furniture according to the requirement or the space where they want to place it.

  • Chaise longue: this is a long upholstered couch which is made in the form of a chair. It is extended enough to hold up its legs.
  • Table de chevet: this is just a table or cabinet which is placed at the surface of the bed.
  • Armoire: it is a 2-door closet having shelves and this is made to keep cutlery, china, and linen. It can also be used like a wardrobe.
  • Bonnetiere: it is tall narrow closet having a single door and it was initially formed to keep bonnets. You can also use this in corridors for additional storage.
  • Buffet: it is a long dresser that contains so many cupboards or drawers. It comes with double or single doors.

Styles of french furniture

When selecting french furniture for your home, it’s vital for buyers to know the differences among every style. Same as with art, the styles of furniture have modified over the several years, however diverse trends or movements were universal among those manufactured in approximately the same time. Right from the old French period, there has been a drastic state of innovation in the field of French furniture.

Select the best french furniture for your home

#1. French royal furniture

This style of furniture has very grand style among all the other option.

Crafters made these styles of furniture for kings. By itself, the dissimilar styles accept the King’s names.
Some of the examples are Louis Philippe, Henri II, and Louis. Well, styles changed from one king to another with some including complex ornaments and designs while others concentrating on minimalism.
French Royal furniture makes use of the premium materials plus has the utmost quality of all styles and types.

#2. Parisian french furniture

This type of furniture drew its motivation from Russian, Swedish, and Spanish designs. These pieces specialize on ornamental and extremely decorative designs. The furniture made in Paris attributed the newest trends and styles of the time. For several years, furniture made in Paris affected the entire nation with their unique and matchless designs. Therefore, these french style furniture are the most adored pieces and are expensive enough.

#3. French provincial furniture

This is the type of furniture that gained its name since makers created it in provinces in place of the Paris from where the King’s furniture originated from. This furniture type features numerous partly covered styles as the designs from Parish gradually clean their approach out to the nation.

The most prominent pieces of French furniture constitute those that demonstrate pictures of the landscape, for example, furniture with complex carvings of plants or woven chairs. Normally, country or Provincial furniture has a strong build and rustic finish.

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