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Restumping Your Home: A Complete Guide To Costs, Process, And More

Your home may require restumping when your floors are sinking in one way, or you’ve seen fractures in the walls. House stumps, also known as structure blocks, sustain the home from underneath and may become worn out over time. They’ll probably require restumping shortly, based on this.

The overall house restumping costs depend on several variables. When done correctly, it’s worth your investment and cheap in the long term! Check out below what it costs to restump a property. Read on to know more in detail about the costs related to house restumping.

Overview Of House Restumping- Points To Note

Restoring the blocks or stumps that sustain your home is known as restumping. This is generally accomplished when the underlying stumps are too deteriorated or decayed to sustain the structure properly. Generally, based on their settings, you ought to renew your stumps after Fifteen to eight years. 90% of the brand-new structures are cement stumps, with wood stumps typically used for the remaining 10%.

The True Cost Of House Restumping: All The Variables You Need To Know

Your House restumping costs will depend on a variety of things. To optimize your money, consider the following factors when requesting quotations from home restumping professionals.

House Restumping

  • The Height Of The Building

The price of restumping depends on the length and height of the stumps. For instance, a cement stump that is 75x75mm broad and 400mm in length costs about $5, and a 1200mm cement stump with an equivalent width should cost roughly $10. Restumping contractors typically dismantle the floors to install hydraulic pistons and place the stumps. The house restumping costs may be less affected by this method of reblocking or resetting.

  • Stump Varieties 

The cost of restoring the timber stump using concrete is primarily determined by the grade of the installed concrete foundations. Another form of stump that is more expensive than cement and wood is threaded concrete and steel.

  • Amount Of Stumps

The quantity of stumps you may require is heavily influenced by the type and size of your property. Compared to any brick veneer structure of identical dimension, a 150-meter square timber building usually requires Eighty stumps. First, the subfloor region will be evaluated by a building surveyor or restumping contractor to ascertain the state of the existing stumps. The total house restumping costs will depend on how many footings need to be fixed or replaced.

  • Structural Alterations

House Restumping costs will be considerably impacted by post-restumping tasks, including replacing broken floorboards and restoring damaged walls. A building inspector must inspect the property to ensure the structure is structurally sound. As a consequence of the assessment, you might need to employ a home remodelling contractor to repair damaged floors, walls, or ceilings, and these components will cost more money.

  • Length Of The Work

Long work days will increase your expenses. Depending on the difficulty faced on-site, House restumping operations may take time to complete. Typically, it requires Seven to Fourteen days to finish the job’s needs. The number of employees that will be involved throughout the restumping procedure must also be taken into account. You would have to incur higher house restumping costs with the additional personnel required.

House Restumping Cost: How Much Should You Expect To Spend?

Generally, the house restumping costs between $500 and $700 for each stump. However, when no unique or uncommon situations exist, pricing might be nearer to $400. Note that while the specialists in this field may cost a little more upfront, they will ultimately save you finances!

With the ingenious adjustable mechanism we developed, the goods will help reduce the costs associated with restumping. A complete one-meter stump usually costs $80 and requires no further fees for assembly to put costs into context.


Ensure your home’s foundation is solid if you want it to endure and survive for many years. Restumping your home will ensure that there aren’t any chances that the building may wholly or partially collapse, the floors won’t have any dents or dings, and that you and your family will be secure there. As you are now aware of the house restumping costs, you shouldn’t think twice. So what are you waiting for? Restump your house and improve the home’s insulation and energy efficiency.

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