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Is Stamp Concrete More Expensive Than Pavers

Among the many materials used in paving your driveway, patio or walkway and stamp concrete are the most common ones. They have been used for quite a long time by both contractors and homeowners. You will see these beautiful materials as you walk through the driveways of some homes or even parks. Even government facilities such as hospitals and schools have decided on using these materials as opposed to cementing when they make their driveways or pavement walkways. What though makes the difference in these two materials? Which one is the most preferred, and which one is more expensive? Is it stamp concrete? Read and see the difference

#1. Difference in appearance

Pavers come in different colors, shapes, and patterns as they are designed to provide flexibility. They are also naturally beautiful and more appealing to the eyes.

Stamped concrete, on the other hand, are designed to imitate other materials such as brick and slate. They have a unique texture and their appearance can be technically changed to look like pavers using décor stones and stains.

Your choice based on appearance will depend solely on your needs. How they appear does not affect their price to a great extent. So choose the material that will suit your project.

#2. How safe are they?

A prime factor considered in choosing these materials is their safety. This can somehow impact on their price. You cannot charge the same amount for a content that is less safe than the other, even if their appearance may be the same and appealing. Stamped concrete is slippery, especially when wet. This might cause someone to fall and get injured if no precautionary warning was indicated. Pavers are non-slippery, meaning no one can fall on them even when wet. They also don’t lead to skidding of cars like the stamped concrete. This is a factor to consider even when pricing and may make the pavers more expensive.

$3. Stability and strength

Stamped concrete is prone to cracking due to the earth’s shift movement and temperature changes that may cause expansion and contraction.

Pavers are much durable and stable than the stamped concrete. This is because pavers have several joints between them that allow proper drainage. They can sustain weight 3 times more than the stamped concrete. They are prepared to cope with the earth’s movement hence will rarely crack. They can also withstand changes in temperature since they can contract and expand without breaking. They can also be designed when the pressure is extreme. Due to this durability nature of pavers, you might find them more expensive than the stamped concrete.

Their stability and durability of nature might cause a difference in usability. Pavers can be used immediately after installation since they are only interlocked with each other. You can’t use stamped concrete directly. It is installed. You have to cure them first for about 3-5 days before you can finally use them.

#4. Differences in costs

These include such costs as repair, installation, and those used for maintenance. The prices of installation will depend on what type and degree of material you are dealing with. For instance, normal concrete will cost less than standard ones, pavers will be 10% expensive than standard stamped concrete, and finally, upgraded concrete may require the same as pavers or even slightly more.

  • Costs of installation: This will depend on the type of material being installed, the size, and the company doing the work as well as the quantity and quantity of work involved. Pavers may turn out to be more expensive than the stamped concrete and vice versa, depending on such reasons. But if we say that all those factors are the same, then installing stamped concrete may be slightly cheap.
  • Costs of maintenance and repair: You will spend more on repairing and maintenance of stamped concrete as compared to pavers. This is because they are prone to cracking and may need to be replaced or repaired over time or so often. Pavers on the other side are all-time paving stones that might require very little or no repair at all.

#5. Value difference

The price of the two materials will depend on their value- what they are going to add to the home and their return on investments. Pavers may appeal to house buyers because of their many benefits hence earn you a faster and expensive sale of your house. Their performance on investment may be higher than that of stamped concrete.

#6. The Bottom Line

Are you looking for paving materials? Stamped concrete and pavers are the most common ones. The factors discussed in this blog can help you make the right choice. Determining which material is expensive than the other might be difficult due to some of the variations in features. If you want cheaper paving stones, then go for the standard stamped concrete instead of pavers. However, only know that you may spend highly on repair and maintenance. Pavers are more expensive to buy and install, but cost-effective. Even so, the two materials have many benefits that outweigh each other.

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