6 Effective Steps to Decide on House Removal Company

Shifting from one place to another is often a very tough decision. One has to decide on many other things related to it. It is a crucial decision to pick the right removal company. Things may differ slightly depending upon domestic or international move but the core considerations of the selection remain the same.

Read this blog to know how to narrow down to the removal company that’s most suitable for you.

#1. Plan ahead

Relocation is equal to planning. You will be makings lists of all kinds, mostly of:

  • Things to take with you, donate, sell or throw,
  • Documents needed for relocation,
  • Funds to be arranged,
  • People and institutions to be informed,

Domestic relocation has its own set of planning needs and it becomes more important and tough when you are moving abroad. Such planning is also needed to hire a removal company. While searching, make sure you have a list of companies that meet your particular criteria.

You need to be clear on what your expectations are from the removal company; make a list of that because there’s a chance of forgetting your things. Do you need packing services, packing supplies, loading and unloading service, disassembling of equipment/furniture (if any), etc.? Planning to move loads of plants and/or pets? Are access issues to the current location or final place of relocation? Planning will include everything like that!

#2. Know the sources

Hiring a removal company is very tricky. You should be on high alert and do not trust on just every other company out there. You don’t want to be robbed of your belongings and feel like a fool later. Doing homework is an essential activity after you have sorted out your needs.

Here are the three sources of collecting information on removal companies:

  • Recommendation from your family, friends or colleagues
  • Internet (search engine, independent review websites and social media)
  • Estate agents or solicitors

Of course, this is going to take time. You will have some 8 to 10 companies or less to start sorting. Parameters for this selection/sorting process are in the following points.

#3. Ask questions

Since the decision to relocate is a big one, questions and fears are natural. The only solution to the situation is asking them to the right people. The removal companies shortlisted above are in the best position to quell your fears.

Ask the questions related to the following:

  • Listing in British Association of Removals (BAR)
  • Experience
  • Awards and accolades
  • Insurance cover (perhaps one of the most important of the questions)
  • Pricing model and payment
  • Quotation and contract
  • Policies regarding delays or date change
  • Storage unit options
  • Process for feedback, complaints and claim filing
  • References

Answers to these questions are going to be foundational in the process of finalizing the removal company. Like answers, like the company!

If you are thinking of when to pose all these questions, you can go to their office and get answers to many of these. Alternatively, leave a query on their website for them to contact you and you can take it from there. Or you can apply to get a free no-obligation quotation.

#4. Invite for assessment

The above process should certainly help you to call for a no-obligation assessment. It will allow the company to come to a figure after considering the things to be moved, services required and home accessibility. This will be a quotation for the move.

You will also have the opportunity to ask the above questions directly to the assessor. For this, send the invite to the short-listed companies and get done with all your queries.

The removal company representative/assessor/surveyor should be able to:

  • Assess how much packaging material, time, employees, etc. would be required to complete the job smoothly
  • Tell you the approximate charges for the relocation
  • Any cost that might come as a surprise afterward
  • Explain everything you need to know and clear all the doubts

That might seem easier said than done but there’s no other way around. So relax, make your mind up and feel comfortable about it before finally calling the removal company.

#5. Watch for professionalism

Any company that is serious about what they are doing would be very particular even about the tiniest detail. Every act would reflect their philosophy of customer satisfaction and professionalism. Never would you be required to ask a direct question like, “Are you a professional, customer-centric company” when a company really is. So the key things that symbolize professionalism might include:

  • Uniform
  • Single point of contact
  • Standard procedure and modus operandi
  • Flair for documentation
  • Clarity and transparency in process and payment
  • Neatness in carrying out operations

You get the idea. Take up from here.

#6. Take notes

Processes are made easy when everything is in black and white, i.e. in writing. Relocation is not any different. Take important notes wherever needed, especially when the removal guy is answering your questions.

How notes can help you with landing the removal company that matches your needs? These notes will help you with:

  • Important details of the companies
  • Services they are offering
  • Prices and terms, you negotiated and want to be included in the final contract
  • Insurance details
  • Inventory list (especially the things that one removal company is not readily happy to move while other is)
  • Reminding to get uninstallation/installation professionals before and after the move (and if the removal company can do this in the prices already finalized)
  • Contacting various people for various jobs before and after the move and if the removal company can include such services in their overall relocation charges
  • And so on…

Apart from getting you the right removal company like that takes care of your smallest need related to relocation, the notes can help you stay organized throughout the process. You are less likely to forget about anything of importance. All of this can save a lot of time and anxiety.

Ready for the move yet?

About the author: Liza Jones is a passionate blogger and content writer in S W Leach & Sons. It is the removal companies in sevenoaks  who offers storage, packing and removals. She is more dedicated to share her knowledge and idea related home.

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