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    Types of carpets for a contemporary home

    By cooldude | July 15, 2012

    Carpets for a contemporary home, tips to buy carpetsMany people opt for laminate or hardwood flooring; however carpeting is wonderful too. It feels wonderful to walk on carpets and with the help of modern developments fighting stains is relatively easier now. Be it any flooring, surmising on the apt kind of carpeting is to be done by evaluation of one’s lifestyle. Do you have pets, children, or host many gatherings or it may be that you live in a small household with slim traffic in the hallways? Making these sorts of distinctions makes it easier for you to decide what kind of carpet is apt. Consider the rooms getting more traffic to understand which form of carpet will be best for you.

    There are many different carpet colours to select from nowadays. Warm colours like red helps to illuminate the room and make a cosy ambience. The most famous carpet colour is beige though it has a not-so-good reputation as it is dull and a little too safe. For modern carpets the trend is towards the use of earthy tones. Greens, stone and light blues colours help to create a serene and calm atmosphere. A popular style of carpet is the twisted pile carpet, it comes in a varied plain carpet colours.

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