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    Tips to do up a contemporary living room

    By cooldude | June 26, 2012

    Living room decoration, home decor tipsDo you want to your living room to look modern or contemporary then there are few tips that you can use to decorate your living room to make it look contemporary.

    For a contemporary living room you should use furniture that is made of synthetic material that enhances the overall look. Fabric is also an option but it is best to avoid it. You should avoid wooden furniture, especially if they are varnished. Organic materials should also be struck out of your list. Miniaturization marks the modern world. If the decorations that you use are thin and slim then it is modern. Television sets, mobile phones, clothing, food etc. should be quite an example of miniaturization. You can also use slim lamps, appliances and furniture vases. The modern word offers the vast use of technology. So use technology to make your living room contemporary like players, speakers and TV sets etc. The modern era also has a lot to do with brightness and boldness so use bright, bold and contrast colors for your living room.

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