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    Solar vs. Geothermal heating for your home

    By cooldude | May 22, 2012

    Heating options for home, solar heatingHeating options can be a major issue for one’s homes. While the energy costs are increasing day by day, it is also necessary to have a proper heating system for a normal livelihood in the cold areas. Along with the traditional heating systems, these days we also have the greener options of solar heating or geothermal heating depending on the location of the house.

    While comparing solar and geothermal heating, the location can be a major factor. Solar heating can be effective only where there are ample sunlight that streams through to the sensors. The same is with geothermal heating, which in turn is possible only when there are geothermal sources available in the neighboring area. Also one must take into consideration the installation costs that come with these greener techniques when one is comparing them. The annual savings on the energy costs will depend a lot on that too.

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