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    Simple steps of log home maintenance

    By cooldude | May 18, 2012

    Log home maintenance, home maintenanceLog cabins are something that needs a lot of time to be spent in maintenance. There are a lot of ways that you can follow to restore your log cabin. Since these aren’t cemented structures like our apartments a lot of things need to be done to keep the wood and framework healthy enough so that these log cabins don’t wear off easily or get shrugged by storms. Preservation has become extremely essential and there are preservatives that are recommended depending on the particular type of wood you use for your log cabin. There are sealants for log cabins and the processes to use them are log chinking and laugh caulking which are applied in two ways; contractor grade or professional grade. The main idea is to keep your cabin strong enough to withstand all sorts of odds. You might not be able to do it yourself so in such a situation you should hire some professional who’ll do the needful whenever required.

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