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    Safety aspects to adhere to when living with kids

    By cooldude | May 17, 2012

    Safety tips for kid's, kid's safetyAs per the facts from the survey by Centre for Diseases Control And Prevention, accidental injuries are the main reason behind child deaths. But it seems that many of these injuries could have been skipped with a bit of precaution. So you are only left with the option of making your house disaster-proof and making your child realise the safety measures to avoid the accidents.

    Well keep smoke detectors with regular checks and to safe the pools and tubs. Make sure that the windows have safety grills and also keep all medicines and poisons out of reach of children. While staying alone at home, make them understand that they should follow some restrictions and even be careful with fire and not answer to unwanted people. To also make them prepared to send emergency calls. Emergency equipments to kept at hand and to have well understanding of escape routes during emergencies. basic utilities like battery operated torch, blankets, flashlight and some basic food should always be kept within reach.

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