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    Polishing your natural stone flooring

    By cooldude | June 8, 2012

    Tips to polish stone flooring, flooringJust doing natural floors will not end your responsibility. You need to ensure that it remains clean and shining all the time. You must clean them daily or on a regular basis with floor cleaners. The type of cleaning will depend on the kind of floors you have. Make sure you clean anything that falls immediately to prevent stains. You should clean them and mop them You can also sweep them and also dry clean them If the shine fades then you can re-polish them if your budget permits.

    Stone floor looks extremely beautiful and classic and you must take care of its shine and beauty. You can use carpets in ordinary days and remove them during occasions to show the guests the natural shine of the floors. You have to be very careful about cleaning them and must try hard to retain its natural glow.

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