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    Polishing Hardwood Floors

    By cooldude | January 6, 2014

    Polishing Hardwood FloorsBamboo floors and hardwood floors are the two main types of flooring that are used in houses nowadays. Hardwood floors create a certain kind of comfort and mood that even bamboo floors cannot match. However, it is important to maintain these floors as they tend to lose their looks easily. Home makers are always tensed about keeping the house as spick and span as possible. But a little care should be taken while cleaning hardwood floors as cleaning them with water can have adverse effects on the hardwood floor.

    Polishing a hardwood floor is the best way to maintain hardwood floors and protect it from damage. Pets, playful kids, dirty shoes, etc. often mess up the floors and its polish is affected each time the floor is cleaned. Therefore polishing them every two to three months is necessary. Bees wax is an easy method of polishing hardwood floors. One can prepare it at home or buy it from the market. But one should make sure that the floor is cleaned properly with a mop to remove the dirt and grit on the floor. After making sure that the floor is dry. Bees wax can then be applied on the hardwood floor. Bees wax is long lasting and produces a greater shine to the floor too. Another method of polishing hardwood floors is buying polishing solutions from the market and applying it on the floors instead of using water as water is the biggest enemy of hardwood floors.

    These are the two most popular methods of polishing hardwood floors but using Bees Wax is no doubt a better option. Thus, maintaining hardwood floors is no longer a tedious task. By following the above steps that have been mentioned, one can easily have a clean and beautiful hardwood floor.

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