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  • Roof Maintenance Tips To Follow

    By Gwen | April 18, 2014

    Roof maintenance tipsGenerally after building up the roof we leave paying attention towards and then we expect our roof to work in a perfect manner without creating any of the issue. But how can it be possible without making any of the effort towards its maintenance. If you want to stay away from expenses of replacement of your roof or heavy repair expense then you need to maintain it in a proper manner for its durability and long lasting factor. Follow the below mentioned roofing maintenance tips and your roof will offer you with a long life.

    You should always keep a track on your roof whether there any is any issue or not. Check out if your roof has any debris then clean it out. Check out there is no ice damming and no damage due to it. It is also advisable to inspect your roof after there is any storm, as you can know if there is any damage or not and if there you have a chance to take immediate action.

    Clogged gutters can be one of the major reasons for the damaged roof. You should be conscious regarding cleaning the gutters. You should definitely clean up the gutters after there are downspouts and trees have shed their leaves. While cleaning also check out if there are any breaks or gaps in between the seams and also make sure that the brackets holding the gutters are attached securely.

    Flashing is the primary target for the leaks and the reason behind it is that it is covering a hole in the roof. Flashing should be specifically checked around the chimney, exhaust pipes and around the vents. These are the main points for damage. Check out that it is not bent or punctured alos check that the sealant is not dried out or it is not loose.

    Those trees which are growing very close to the roof can damage the roof. It can remove the paint also. It is a hazard to your roof. There is risk of breaking up the limbs and falling on the roof and damaging them. This debris can also remove the protective stone coating layer of the roof and hence decreasing its longetivity.

    There are certain animals which make up your roof as their home and this is not so beneficial for your roof. Raccoons, squirrels, birds and chipmunks and birds are some of those who can damage your roof by making it their residence. If your roof has been weakened by rot then it will be easy for them to get access. They will not create a big damage but they will enlarge the existing damage and it can cause you a big repair expense.

    You can damage your roof if you are walking on it. No matter whatever material you use but constant walking on the roof can lead to damage it as it can be fragile. Materials like asphalt shingles, clay tiles and slate are such which can easily get damaged or get broken by walking on it.



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    DIY Tips To Build a Bookcase

    By cooldude | March 1, 2014

    Build a BookcaseYou may think that building a bookcase may be difficult but if you know the DIY steps then it would not seem an arduous task. You will have to be innovative if you want it to be of a unique design although you don’t need to be a skilled craftsman for it. In order to build a bookcase here are some of the items which you will require:

    • A hammer and a screw driver
    • Brads and screws
    • Stain, paint and sand paper
    • Few pieces of thin hardwood but not cardboard
    • A big piece of lumber which is cut in half
    • Another two pieces of lumber which should be in a section of 32 inches

    Producing sophisticated and intricate styles would require the help of a professional but if you want to make it in an easy way following are some of the steps which you will have to follow:

     First thing is to form the sides of the bookcase which will be done with the help of the lumber. You will have to cut them into two pieces with dimensions 2”, 10” and 12”.

     Next would be to get the other two pieces of lumber which would be cut in to two pieces of 32 inches each and they would be further separated in the dimensions 1”, 10” and 8”. These pieces will form the top and bottom halves of the bookcase and also the shelves.

     With the help of the sandpaper you would have to even out the edges of the all the hardboards. It is important because otherwise it would affect painting which would be done after sanding the edges. The paint should be such that it looks like a hardwood or plywood.

     Once you decide on the space of the shelves the sides of the bookcase would have to be marked accordingly.

     Next would be to fit the “I” brackets and then aligning them to the height of the shelf. The brackets should be fitted to the side of the case.

     The top shelf should be fastened from both sides with the help of “I” brackets after which you would do the same thing for the lower shelf. You may color the “I” brackets if you want.

     Last is to fit the back which can be done by cutting the hardwood and fitting it in the sides of the case aligning it with the other shelves.

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    Different Types of Staircases

    By cooldude | February 6, 2014

    Different Types of StaircasesHomeowners who own one multi-storey buildings will require staircases for movement from one floor to another. Staircases serve not only a functional purpose but also add glamour to your house if proper designs of staircases are chosen. Here is an article that will help you get acquainted with different types of staircases.
    Staircases can be of different types on the basis of two things:

    • The material of the staircases: Timber staircases, hardwood staircases, stainless steel staircases with glass panels, wrought iron staircases and so on are some of the staircases that are popular among a majority of the homeowners.
    • The styles and patterns of the staircases: The most common style that staircases have is the straight style. If you have less space in your home then you can go ahead and install spiral staircases. One style of staircases that is really attractive is the floating or free standing style. However, the floating staircases are a little dangerous if you have children and old people living with you. Circular style is another style of staircases. But it is not generally utilized in homes because the construction of circular staircases is difficult.

    The Titanic Staircases: Today, you will notice that most of the homeowners are trying to replicate the titanic staircase which is universally known as the grand staircase. The titanic staircase in homes is generally made out of polished oak, gilded balustrades and gorgeous railings (wrought iron). Plus it has intricate art work on it as well. It is not very easy to reproduce the grand staircase. But if you try to construct a replica of it in your home then it will surely give your home a very grand and unique look. The titanic staircase will add a touch of history to your home.

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    Polishing Hardwood Floors

    By cooldude | January 6, 2014

    Polishing Hardwood FloorsBamboo floors and hardwood floors are the two main types of flooring that are used in houses nowadays. Hardwood floors create a certain kind of comfort and mood that even bamboo floors cannot match. However, it is important to maintain these floors as they tend to lose their looks easily. Home makers are always tensed about keeping the house as spick and span as possible. But a little care should be taken while cleaning hardwood floors as cleaning them with water can have adverse effects on the hardwood floor.

    Polishing a hardwood floor is the best way to maintain hardwood floors and protect it from damage. Pets, playful kids, dirty shoes, etc. often mess up the floors and its polish is affected each time the floor is cleaned. Therefore polishing them every two to three months is necessary. Bees wax is an easy method of polishing hardwood floors. One can prepare it at home or buy it from the market. But one should make sure that the floor is cleaned properly with a mop to remove the dirt and grit on the floor. After making sure that the floor is dry. Bees wax can then be applied on the hardwood floor. Bees wax is long lasting and produces a greater shine to the floor too. Another method of polishing hardwood floors is buying polishing solutions from the market and applying it on the floors instead of using water as water is the biggest enemy of hardwood floors.

    These are the two most popular methods of polishing hardwood floors but using Bees Wax is no doubt a better option. Thus, maintaining hardwood floors is no longer a tedious task. By following the above steps that have been mentioned, one can easily have a clean and beautiful hardwood floor.

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    Cleaning Bathroom Commode and Basin

    By cooldude | December 26, 2013

    Cleaning Bathroom CommodeBathroom is perhaps the only room in the house that needs to be maintained efficiently because if it is not taken care of then it will turn into a very stinky and smelly room. A bathroom that is dirty is something that every homeowner would like to avoid because unclean bathroom leads to many kinds of health problems. The two things in the bathroom that get dirty very easily are bathroom commode and basin. Do not ever undermine the importance of keeping the bathroom commode and basin clean. This article will help you in cleaning your bathroom commode and basin efficiently.

    Firstly remember that you are cleaning the commode in order to not only enhance its appearance but also to avoid health problems. Thus take your time while cleaning the bathroom commode. The simplest way of cleaning the commode would be to utilize a toilet brush, mild disinfectant and an effective toilet cleaner. Use the brush and the cleaner to scrub the exterior and interior areas of your toilet appropriately. The disinfectant will be used on the commode to get rid of the bacteria and other germs infecting your toilet seat. Keep in mind that after cleaning the commode you must not use it before it is allowed to dry up completely.

    The bathroom basin should also be cleaned, disinfected and polished appropriately. Soap and cold water can be utilized to clean the basin. In case your bathroom’s basin is made out of stainless steel then you can use a mild detergent and scrub to get rid of the dirt and germs. For bathroom basins that are made out of porcelain, vinegar solution and warm water can be used to clean them. The faucet of your basin must be cleaned thoroughly because the faucet can become extremely grimy.

    Hope this article helps you in keeping your bathroom absolutely spotless.

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    Decorating the Nursery Room Suitably

    By cooldude | November 25, 2013

    Decorating the NurseryChoosing the nursery for baby is forever a worry for parents, who want the best for your child. Therefore, before you start searching, parents should be clear what we desire, based on a number of basics that henceforth and should be placed in order of priority. A good nursery or nursery should be one that is not inadequate to observe the children, but to provide a comfortable atmosphere in which trained professionals have an adequate basis for its development. The school should provide confidence to families and children. If parents are satisfied with the choice, it will be easier to accept that their children and adapt well to change.

    Tips for choosing nursery for baby

    It is advisable that the nursery is near the family home. The friends you make your child at the nursery will also be neighborhood friends. Parents should appointment quite a few nurseries and learn about the functioning and association of each. For that, you need some time to be there and see the relationship of the staff, how to speak and behave with each other and the children. The day of the visit should ask all the questions you can think of and also, all that you think are necessary. Take the opportunity to erase any doubts you, if possible. All schools, both public and private, must conform to the rules of the GLSES (General Law of the Education System), but although most meets the standards, it is appropriate to visit the site and verify that indeed is the case.

    Much younger children are, the greater the care they need. Check that the number of children per teacher with governmental regulations. As recognized in the lawful framework, the number of children per class is straight related to their age. There are usual checks by the capable authorities to verify the perfect condition of the centers, which must fulfill the requirements stipulated by the current legislation, and also have an appropriate space for the dining room and kitchen.

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    Basic tips on carpet maintenance

    By cooldude | October 21, 2013

    carpet maintenanceYour oriental carpet is surely one of your most prized assets and it’s only natural that you want to preserve it for lifetime. However, remember, that your carpet would demand good maintenance on your part to restore its longevity. You must be careful about proper carpet cleaning and restoration when you are looking forward to pass on the treasured oriental asset as a cherished family heirloom to the future genre. The article here is a brief covering basic tips on carpet maintenance.

    Vacuum cleaning is a must when you have a carpet at home. You must vacuum the carpet at least twice every week. The vacuum cleaners are fantastic in removing the dry dirt particles lurking within the carpet fabric that can otherwise dull down the carpet luster & cause matting. Then, you must know that heavy furnishing right on your carpeted floor could be damaging for the fabric. Thus, the experts always suggest to put glides under your heavy furnishing that will help to combat crushing. It’s also advised to rotate furnishing occasionally so that the carpet area gets to rest. Then, sunlight can be harsh for the carpet fiber. Thus, make sure not to expose it much to the scorching sun and close the blinds periodically.

    Right carpet cleaning is another significant aspect of carpet maintenance. In case of any spillage you have to blot dry the area immediately. If it’s some solid dirt, scoop out the thing fast to avoid further damage. Be gentle with carpet cleaning and never scrub or rub on the surface as otherwise it can be pretty harmful for your treasure. Finally professional cleaning is a must if you want to keep your carpet glam, healthy and anew. The experts advise for an annual cleaning of carpets by the professionals even if you are going on with home cleaning.

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    Maintenance of your air conditioner

    By cooldude | September 12, 2013

    air conditionerAir conditioner is a very important thing irrespective of the weather. In winter it gives the room comforting warmth while in summer it cools the room. But to get the desired result from your air conditioner, it is very important that you keep proper care of your air conditioner. Maintenance of the air conditioner is very important. You need to read the instruction manual of your air conditioner properly before you go ahead with its maintenance. There are many companies which provide such maintenance services, but they charge much for the services they provide. However there are certain things for which you should seek professional assistance as it is not possible for you to do.

    Try to clean the filter of the air conditioner regularly. Cleaning the filter is not a very important task. You simply need to take it out from the groove and then place it under running tap water. This will remove all the dirt and other particles from the filter. Once the filter is cleaned properly, you should dry it first before again using it in the machine. Never fit the wet filter in the machine while using the machine as it can cause damage to the internal circuit of the machine.

    You should also clean the compressor at regular intervals of time. It is very important to clean the compressor also to increase its power and cooling capacity properly. You should not try to clean the compressor on your own as it is not possible to fit the compressor on your own without professional assistance. Also clean the air duct of your air conditioner at regular intervals because the blockage of the air duct can also be the reason for unsatisfactory performance of your machine.

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    Bunk beds are good for a small kid chamber

    By cooldude | June 22, 2013

    Bunk beds, bed for kidsIf you have got a small chamber for your little one, a bunk bed would be ideal in place of a regular bed. It’s because bunk beds are great space savers without compromising on the style quotient.

    There are different types of bunk beds available in the market today. If you have a single kid, you can go for the loft bunk beds. The loft beds are placed high up above the ground which is to be reached with a staircase. Thus you will be getting ample floor space below that can be utilized as a playing or study area.

    Twin bunk beds are available as well where you have one bunk bed stacked over another on the same floor space. You will get these twin bunk beds with drawers at the bedside to store your pillows, blankets and other essentials. These twin bunk beds will be good if you have 2 kids or you have their friends coming over to your place often for sleepover.

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    Best flowers for a lively Summer Garden

    By cooldude | June 9, 2013

    Summer GardenSummer is a wonderful time for lively flowers. If you have a green thumb and knack for flower plants, summer is a fantastic season to deck up your garden with amazing flowers. Below is a discussion on some of the best flowers for a lively summer garden.

    Pink Cone is a great choice for your garden in the summer months. The tall flowers can grow up till 3 inches & would be perfect to deck up the back of your flower bed. You can also plant in the middle of flowerbed if the flowerbed is circular, kidney shaped or oval. Cone flowers would bloom from the mid-summer months to the fall.

    Then, you have Shasta Daisy. It’s another tall flower which is able to bear the scorching sun beams and the heated environ. Heirloom roses would be good as well. The heirloom roses love being under the sun and are available in a wide spread of shades.


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