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    Oriental rugs- why do they need extra care?

    By cooldude | July 31, 2012

    Tips to maintain oriental rugs, oriental rugsWhen we talk about rugs and carpets, what deserves a special mention is the oriental species. Oriental rugs are antique pieces made with manual precision and intricate designs requiring a lot of hard work and efficiency. Originating in ancient China and other parts of Asian civilization, oriental rugs contain the most extraordinary designs and patterns based on dark shades of colors like red, blue, olive green and many more. They are never found in blends and each piece has a unique design that most commonly depicts a story or myth. As historical pieces of art and exclusive antiqueness, oriental rugs add a special touch to the interior décor of a home. These rugs are made with authentic cotton, wool and silk and sometimes a mixture of such threads. Extra care is needed for these expensive and unique items because harsh detergent and extensive vacuuming will lead to loosening of the threads and ruin the designs so neatly woven.

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