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    Medicine cabinet essentials

    By cooldude | June 22, 2012

    Medicine cabinet, cabinetsAre you wondering about what are the things that you must keep in your medicine cabinet? Then it is very simple because most of these things are found in your bathrooms as well. So, come let us see the important things that you must keep. Aspirin is an important thing. It can act as an excellent pain killer to any kind of pain that is caused. It is helps in thinning of the blood. Acetaminophen is another pain killer which you can take if taking of aspirin causes allergy.

    The other thing which you can keep is Tea Tree Oil. This can cause a great healing effect in case of insect biting, burns or any other cut on the skin. It is also a good measure to fight dandruff. It can fight fungal infections and it is also antiseptic. Tiger balms can also be kept in our medicine cabinets. This is also a good pain relief as it is made up of several herbs. It is great for relieving muscle pain.

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