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    Limestone tiles maintenance

    By cooldude | June 28, 2012

    Tips to maintain limestone tiles, tile maintenanceLimestone tiles are very popular as they are especially used in creative tiling. Most of the contemporary home builders focus on limestone instead of any other stone as the aesthetic view is well suited for creative home decoration. A vast variation of chemical physical and biological processes naturally form limestone and they are laid under water body. Calcium carbonate is a prime element of limestone.

    The advantages of using a limestone include following features. They are strong and durable, they bring aesthetic view in home decoration, and they are very easy to clean as no special care is required.

    For cleaning limestone a very simple procedure is required. For regular cleansing, warm water, mild liquid soap and a clean napkin are enough to efface unwanted spill. And most importantly one must not bring limestone exposed to citric acid, oil and alcohol as these can leave unwanted spot on limestone. Any acidic solution should be kept in a far away distance to sustain a limestone’s healthy life.

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