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    Interesting ideas for decorating your ceiling

    By cooldude | April 15, 2013

    ceiling decor, home decorIf you are planning to decorate your house then there are many options you can opt for. To give your home a unique and attractive look, you should pay attention to the ceiling as well. In most cases the ceilings of the home have certain undulation in your ceiling. Whenever you install a chandelier or make decoration on the ceiling, it looks out of proportion due to the irregularities of the ceiling.

    You can decorate your ceiling by using false ceiling made of gypsum board or plaster. The false ceilings are available in a large variety of design. Some are etched and rounded at the corners. Some false ceilings have some designs and patterns engraved in the middle with provision for hanging some lamp shades. You can even go for spot lights fitted in the false ceiling. The spot lights give a heavenly look to the interior of your house. It will appear as if you are in some star class hotel lounge. It is not necessary to keep the false ceiling painted white. You can even paint it color that goes in contrast with the interior of your home.

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