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    How to remove wall decals without damaging walls

    By cooldude | June 20, 2012

    Tips to remove wall decals, wall careRemoving a wall paper, wall sticker or a wall tattoo or what we know as wall decals is quite a time consuming job. You will need to set up the work area before you try to make any attempt of stripping the wallpaper out for instance removal of light switches, faceplates, or outlet receptacles. You should ideally remove the entire furniture of your room before you start the process. If the wall decal’s material is old it shall require being moist before you start stripping it off.

    You can also purchase chemical solutions made for this purpose. If you are not using these solutions then you can use a mixture of water will and laundry detergent. This will make the process easier. You can also use window cleaner for this purpose to avoid damage to the walls. Once you have removed the wall decals you should clean and wipe your walls with the requisite solution or you can also choose to sand the wall before you plan to paint it.

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