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    How to clean your electronics

    By cooldude | June 6, 2012

    Tips to clean electronics, home care tipsYour gadgets are an integral part of your life and ensuring that they function properly is one of your most important objectives. It is however not always easy to get the dirt out of your electronic gadget simply because of the fact that they are not very big and even if you do manage to open it up reluctantly, you are very conscious of the fact that you might damage something. However, following certain tips and tricks will ensure that you keep your electronics clean and increase their longevity.

    One of the biggest enemies that an electronic good can have is dust. Dust settles down and it seems highly impossible to get rid of them with the help of dusters, the dust can be effectively removed and the electronics can be preserved. Also, the screens tend to get dirty. Using a spray cleaner on a piece of cloth and wiping the screen removes the dirt and make the screen look bright and sparkling.

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