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    How to avoid basement dampening

    By cooldude | July 27, 2012

    Avoid basement dampening, basement maintenanceBasement dampening is really disastrous for your home. This is because once there is an accumulation of water at the base of your house, it can gradually make its way into the house’s foundation through holes, cracks and joints present in the body of the house. Basement dampening issues needs your immediate attention and should not be neglected. The primary requirement while tackling the problems of basement dampening is to understand the specific cause of the issue.

    Basement dampening occurs due to various reasons such as condensation or sweating which appears as wet spots on the walls of your basement and runoff which occurs when snow and rainfall is not appropriately channelized away from the base of your house. To tackle these problems, you need to repair any leaking pipe in your house, install rain gutters that would channelize the rain away from your house and prevent it from accumulating or seeping into it.

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