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    Hardwood flooring maintenance

    By cooldude | May 21, 2012

    Maintenance of hardwood floors, Hardwood flooringThere are plenty of flooring options to be chosen from these days for modern homes, but hardwood floors remain one of the favorites for most of the people. The best thing about these hardwood floors is that they can be kept clean and maintained well with ease. Refinishing it whenever it loses its shine and look is the best thing you get with the hardwood floors.

    Grit, dirt and grime removal is very important for hardwood floors as these can completely destroy the look and life of hardwood floors. Do regular sweeping and dusting of these floors to increase its lifespan. Manufacturer of these hardwood floors would recommend certain products that should be and should not be used for cleaning purpose; follow the instructions. Vacuum cleaning is also a very nice option for hardwood floor cleaning. Using water is okay to clean hardwood floors, but too much of it can hamper it.

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