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    DIY Floor Cleaner Recipes

    By Edward | November 12, 2016

    Ingredients for Floor Cleaner

    Floor Cleaner ingredients

    Either it is a tile flooring cleaner, wood flooring cleaner or a mop or squirt cleaner, preparing all-purpose floor cleaner is the ultimate goal set for the home owners. Purchasing expensive floor cleaner from the market that includes some of the harmful chemicals. These chemicals are not supportive to your floor because it might be causing damaging effects but you won’t able to recognize as of now. Saying good bye to certain toxic floor cleaner is a better option and using nontoxic floor cleaners is worth because it won’t harm while you are cleaning the floors. The homemade floor cleaners are not only safe but it is cheap so it offers a better way of saving on the money.

    Floor cleaner DIY recipes:

    Use vinegar with baking soda:

    One of the basic DIY floor cleaner recipe ingredients: vinegar and baking soda is used in many of the floor cleaning recipes. Almost every DIY floor cleaner recipes includes these two ingredients as their basic ingredients. These are among the two powerful couple of homemade ingredient helpful for cleaning.

    The properties like odor absorbing and scouring features of baking soda when mixed with degreasing effects of vinegar, leaves your wood or tile flooring residue-free and glossy. But the proportions To be taken might differ regarding the are to be cleaned.

    If the room is huge in size, the floor cleaner might require more as compared to smaller room. Remember, vinegar is acidic in nature, don’t leave it over for more time because it might also damage the wood or tiles mounted on the surface.

    And if your flooring is made up of sensitive materials like marbles, it is advisable of not using vinegar while cleaning your floor. It is recommended of using a dish wash detergent for cleaning marble flooring.

    Use essential oils, baking soda and vinegar:

    Despite of all cleaning benefits and features, vinegar still left behind when it comes for fragrance. Use of essential oils comes into role. It is one of the fun ways to personalize your floor cleaner and also helps in improving your mood.

    In fact some of the scents like rose, vanilla and lavender are such that offers a feeling of joy and happiness. Most of the floor cleaner recipes advices of adding 15 or more drops of essential oils in the solution for grabbing a better sense when cleaned the floors.

    Just add some drops of it to the solution of vinegar and baking soda. To avoid the situation of getting carried away, start by adding two or three drops of essential oils because it might give you an idea of how many drops will be needed for making it perfect.

    Use of borax is also advisable because it has proved to be a great cleansing ingredient while planning of cleaning the floors. You just need to add water and there you go for another option of homemade floor cleaner. It is easily available from any grocery store that helps you in maintaining the gloss and shine of your floors.



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