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    Decorate your windowsill with small potted plants

    By cooldude | July 17, 2012

    Want to decorate your room in a unique way? Then you can make proper use of the window sill of your house to increase the beauty of your room to a higher level. What you can do is use small potted plants for the decoration of your room. You can keep plants in various parts of your room ensuring that they are indoor plants. However you can keep certain plants which are not specifically indoor plants.
    The best place to keep such plants is the window sill of your room.

    These plants will then get sufficient light and air. Thus they will remain healthy as well as impart a lot to the décor of the room. So depending on the area of your window sill you can keep a number of potted plants whether it is small or big. The green plants will give a refreshing and soothing ambience to your room as well as your room which will look unique and attractive.

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