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    Are tankless water heaters better?

    By cooldude | July 21, 2012

    Tankless water heaters, water heatersYou might have heard several people or even your plumber suggesting tankless water heaters. These are beneficial in many ways especially in today’s contemporary environment. They serve the same purposes as the normal water heaters; it’s just that they don’t have the extra trouble of having a tank to be set up.

    Instead of storing water in tanks which might lead to several water borne diseases, they heat up the water instantly. The best part is that they are completely eco-friendly as they use natural gas for heating. Also in some cases propane is used with proper precautionary measures taken into account. People can reduce their energy consumption by a large amount as well. You can even decide if the heated water is needed in specific areas of the house or the entire house. Another good point about these heaters is that they take up no extra space and are very durable.

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