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    5 signs that you need a new air conditioner

    By cooldude | July 29, 2012

    Buy air conditioner, tips to maintain air conditionerAir conditions are a bliss to the humanity gifted by modern science. However, there is an expiry date with all things that are good. Your air conditioner is no exception. There are some tell tale signs that will tell you when to get your air conditioner replaced. If you think that the air condition has stopped blowing cold air as it used to, you should get a new one instead of spending a fortune on repairing it.

    There may be a lot of reasons for such a problem and the most common reason is to keep it on full blast for a long time. If the air flow is not strong, it is time for a replacement. Another sign is moisture leakages at place it should not be. This is a clear sign of a failing air conditioner and it has to be changed. These are the signs that should prompt you to buy a new air conditioner.

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